Accton Insight Hub

A single BI portal for all your analytics assets

AI-powered enterprise information portal that provides single point of access to all reports and analytics your employees need to make better and faster business decisions. Self-service business insight for everyone throughout your organization, maximizing analytics adoption and enabling the data culture.
Single Point Access
Consolidate information from diverse BI tools into one personalized digital workspace and remove your BI ecosystem's complexity.
Eliminate departmental silos and enhance user adoption for better ROI on technology investments.
Save time and increase productivity with quick and easy access to all information used in decision-making with google like search and advanced filtering
Enhance user experience
Create a unique experience for users in working with analytics -so it feels as smooth as an e-commerce boutique.
Customize your personal workspace for easy navigation and launch all relevant reports from one place.
Use intuitive navigation and business-user friendly structure to find information related to a particular organisational unit, business function or analytics area.
Create a community of analytics users of your organisation to collaborate, share insights and create a data-driven future together.
Collaborate seamlessly with built-in communication tools.
Resolve issues, automate workflows, and share knowledge effortlessly.
Customise and configure
Create new object types, attributes and relations without a single line of code. Use an advanced constructor module to tailor the system to your standards and practices.
Customise menus, add or exclude filters, manage users and permissions from the flexible administration panel. Change logos, colours and icons to match your corporate style.
Align with enterprise architecture through the tight integration of a set of APIs.


Accton Insight Hub


Intuitive navigation and business-user friendly structure.
Promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and issue resolution
Tailor the system to your business standards and practices
Smooth BI migration and governance for long-term sustainability.

Who Is

Accton Insight Hub


BI Teams
Empower your analytics experts with efficient data management, analysis, and seamless collaboration.
Provide seamless decision support for end-users - whether it's routine reporting or exploring in-depth analytics.
Real-time insights and a unified view of critical data enable leaders to drive organizational success.

We unite your BI tools
in a single analytics ecosystem

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