Self-Service Insight for Decision-Makers

Self-Service Insight for Decision-Makers

Report Governance

The Challenge:

Becoming a data-driven company means that everyone starts using analytics to make better decisions. But here's the catch – making good decisions relies on how easy it is to find the right information to support them.

For many companies dealing with complex analytics tools and finding your way through reports and data can be a real headache. This not only makes it hard for people to use analytics but it also makes them less interested in trying.

In simple terms, the journey to being a data-driven company depends on how easy it is for everyone to use analytics. Even with modern tools, things can still be too tricky for someone who isn't a pro.

The Solution:

Accton Insight Hub is the fix for these issues. We get it – for people to use analytics, it has to be straightforward and welcoming. Our solution changes how you experience analytics, so that everyone in your company, no matter their role, can easily find and understand the information they need.

It’s all about creating an environment where finding, accessing, and understanding analytics assets is as simple as a few clicks.

From a single user-friendly BI portal, employees can seamlessly navigate through reports and dashboards, supported by features designed for effective collaboration and streamlined processes.

Navigating the Data Maze:

The traditional approach to analytics often leaves decision-makers navigating a labyrinth of scattered reports and disparate data sources. Accton Insight Hub revolutionizes this experience by providing a unified portal where decision-makers can effortlessly explore a curated catalogue of well-structured reports.

Self-Service at Its Best:

Accton Insight Hub is designed with casual users in mind. With our self-service approach, you can explore and find what you need without waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Making Things Simple:

Making good decisions is tough when the data is confusing. Accton Insight Hub simplifies this by giving you an easy-to-use interface, a search facility that works, and clear explanations for every report and metric. We take away the confusion so you can focus on what matters – getting insights, not figuring out complex data.

Working Together, Not Alone:

Making decisions by yourself can mean you miss out on important things. Accton Insight Hub is all about working together. You can talk to your team, get help, and ask for new reports or changes, all in one place.

Empowering Everyone:

The real power of using data comes when everyone feels they can use it. Accton Insight Hub breaks down the barriers, giving everyone in your company the ability to use analytics. It's not just about reports; it's about letting everyone be part of the analytics journey.


  • Empower every employee to explore and leverage analytics assets independently
  • Enhance productivity with a simplified and efficient search for reports and dashboards
  • Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making across all departments
  • Streamline collaboration and support, encouraging knowledge sharing and best practices.

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