Migration to a new BI environment

Migration to a new BI environment

Report Governance

The Challenge:

Migration from legacy tools to a new BI environment is a strategic move that comes with its set of challenges. Migrating data, reports, and user workflows without disruptions or data loss is a challenge for many organizations. Without a seamless migration strategy, they risk facing downtime, lost insights, and potential setbacks in the adoption of the new BI environment.

The Solution:

Introducing Accton Insight Hub, your trusted companion in the migration process. We understand the complexities involved in transitioning to a new BI environment, and our solution is tailor-made to streamline this intricate journey.

Seamless Data Transition:

Accton Insight Hub serves as the vital link between your former and modern BI ecosystems, guaranteeing a streamlined transfer of essential reports and datasets.

This is achieved through:

• Extracting critical technical metadata from the legacy system.

• Analyzing report usage data to establish priorities.

• Enriching and formulating a comprehensive migration plan.

• Executing a seamless, step-by-step replacement of old reports with meticulously documented and instantly usable new ones in the new tool.

Preserving Analytical Continuity:

One of the major concerns during migration is the potential disruption to analytical workflows. Accton Insight Hub preserves analytical continuity by shielding users from the complexity of changes. You can provide access to all reports from a single place (especially crucial during migrations spanning months or years) and replace old report links with new ones seamlessly, without altering the regular user flow.

Efficient Report Migration:

Migrating reports doesn't have to be a cumbersome process. Accton Insight Hub serves as the portal for all documentation, preserving existing reports' descriptions and calculations. This ensures that development teams have all the necessary knowledge for migrating reports, reengineering them, and updating, without starting from scratch.

User-Friendly Adoption:

Transitioning to a new BI environment can be challenging for end-users. Accton Insight Hub hides the complexity and simplifies the adoption process with a user-friendly interface, reducing the learning curve and ensuring that users can quickly adapt to the new analytics landscape.


  • Smooth transition of critical data from the old to the new BI environment
  • Preservation of analytical continuity to prevent disruptions in user workflows
  • Efficient migration of reports, maintaining structure, formatting, and accessibility
  • Accton Insight Hub as the central portal for all documentation, preserving report descriptions and calculations for seamless migration.

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