Accton Connect

Integral BI environment with Accton Connect

Streamline BI usage with a set of advanced BI connectors to help you integrate your critical BI apps into a powerful analytics ecosystem.
Seamless Integration:
Connect seamlessly with your in-house developed portal using Accton Connect.
Our connectors automate the uploading of all technical metadata, ensuring a smooth integration process.
Technical Metadata Syncing:
Gain control over all report changes, permissions modifications, and calculation adjustments.
Accton Connect keeps your technical metadata up-to-date through API syncing, ensuring a clean, governed, and transparent BI environment.
Highly Flexible:
Tailor the integration process to your needs. With Accton Connect's discovery stage, define precisely what technical metadata you want to upload.
Say goodbye to irrelevant information cluttering your portal, making it clean and easy to use.


Accton Connect


Accton Connect isn't just another BI connector – it's your strategic ally in seamlessly integrating critical BI applications into a unified analytics ecosystem. Here's why Accton Connect stands out:
Quick Integration:
Accelerate your BI environment's integration with Accton Connect, ensuring a swift and efficient process.
Tailor your integration by defining and uploading specific technical metadata, aligning it with your organization's unique requirements.
Dynamic Metadata Updates:
Keep technical metadata current with dynamic updates, ensuring transparency, governance, and control over your BI environment.
Official APIs Only:
Accton Connect supports only official APIs, ensuring reliability, security, and compatibility in your integration efforts.

Who Is

Accton Connect


BI Administrators:
Connect critical BI apps and the analytics ecosystem.
IT Professionals:
Ensure your technical metadata is always up-to-date.
Business Analysts:
Tailor the integration to match your analytics needs.

We unite your BI tools
in a single analytics ecosystem

Power BI Service
Power BI Server
Qlik Sense
Tableau Cloud
Tableau Server
And any other connector by request

We keep our pricing simple and predictable

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