Accton Framework

Elevate Your Analytics Environment with Industry Best Practices

Accton Framework sets the gold standard for structuring your analytics environment, providing a comprehensive framework with full descriptions of industry best practices, definitions of KPIs, metrics, business terms, and dimensions.
Complete Collection of Business Metrics:
Access the most extensive collection of KPIs, metrics, and dimensions tailored to your industry. Benefit from about 600 pre-defined objects that form the backbone of your analytics framework.
Ready-to-Use Industry-Specific Structure:
Accton Framework provides a ready-to-use structure categorized by business functions and areas. Leverage this structure for your specific business purposes, saving time and ensuring relevance.
Guided Analytics for In-Depth Understanding:
Build guided analytics effortlessly. Understand how KPIs influence each other and quickly navigate the root cause of a business situation. Accton Framework offers a perfect foundation for creating insightful and guided analytics.


Accton Framework


In the dynamic landscape of data and analytics, building a robust digital map for your business is a challenging task. Accton Framework steps in as your trusted partner, doing 90% of the work for you.
Seamless integration:
Framework categorized by business functions and areas, enabling seamless integration into your existing processes.
Guided Analytics:
Effortlessly build guided analytics to understand the intricate relationships between KPIs.
Future-Proof Metrics:
Accton Framework adapts to evolving industry standards, providing a solid foundation for your analytics future.
Time and Resource Savings:
Streamline the process of structuring your analytics environment, saving valuable time and resources.

Who Is

Accton Framework


Data Architects
Provide data architects and analysts with industry best practices, definitions of KPIs, metrics, and business terms, simplifying the process of structuring analytics data.
BI Teams
Equip analytics teams with a ready-to-use industry-specific structure, enabling them to focus on deriving insights rather than building a framework from scratch.
Decision-Makers and Executives
Enable decision-makers and executives to make informed and strategic decisions based on a well-structured and guided analytics environment

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