Optimisation of BI resources and costs

Optimisation of BI resources and costs

Report Governance

The Challenge:

Efficiently managing BI resources and costs is a top priority for organizations aiming to maximize the return on their analytics investments. Without a clear understanding of resource utilization, licensing costs, and the overall efficiency of the BI environment, you may find yourself overburdened with unnecessary expenses and underutilized resources.

The Solution:

Accton Auditor works as an advanced BI usage analytics module that helps reveal the full potential of your BI resources while optimizing costs. We recognize the complexities associated with BI tools management, and our solution is designed to empower BI managers and administrators with real data to support their strategic decisions.

Reports Driving Business Forward:

Monitor reports usage data to identify the most impactful reports within your organization. Accton Auditor gives you insights into the reports that drive business value, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

User Interaction Insights

Gain deep insights into how your teams interact with reports. Accton Auditor captures user behavior, providing valuable data to enhance user experience and ensure that analytics assets are aligned with user needs.

Optimizing Costs Through License Management:

License and resource management are critical components of BI optimization. Accton Auditor empowers you to optimize costs by providing visibility into license utilization. Identify inactive users, streamline license distribution, and ensure cost-effectiveness.

Ensuring Data Security and Compliance:

Accton Auditor goes beyond usage metrics by offering robust permissions and event tracking. Ensure data security and compliance with detailed tracking of user permissions and events, creating a secure BI environment.

Strategic Decision-Making:

With data-driven insights into your own BI environment, you can make informed decisions to optimize resources, assess your BI penetration level and adjust adoption strategies based on your performance. Accton Auditor empowers you to achieve a perfect balance, ensuring that every aspect of the BI environment contributes to strategic objectives.


  • Identify and prioritize impactful reports driving business success
  • Enhance user experience by aligning analytics assets with user behavior
  • Drive BI adoption based on the data-driven approach
  • Optimize licensing costs with Accton Auditor's comprehensive license management
  • Ensure data security and compliance through detailed permissions and event tracking.

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