Accton Auditor

BI tools usage analysis module

Unlock the full potential of your BI environment with Accton Auditor. Continuously analyze and optimize performance and costs using flexible analysis of reports' stats data, user activities, and license utilization.
Analysis of BI environment:
Holistic Insights: Understand the number of reports across different tools, usage patterns, and creation trends.
Environment Optimization: Regularly exclude unused reports to optimize the reporting environment.
Migration Monitoring: Monitor your migration progress to a new BI tool and make real-time improvements.
Analysis of user activities:
Usage Optimization: Understand report usage by different users and user groups.
Environment Optimization: Regularly exclude unused reports to optimize the reporting environment.
Maintenance Prioritization: Define maintenance priorities based on report views and user engagement.
License and resource management
License Utilization Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how paid licenses are utilized across different user groups.
Cost-Effective Licensing: Optimize costs by identifying and reallocating licenses based on actual usage patterns.
Maintenance Prioritization: Define maintenance priorities by analyzing report views and user engagement, ensuring efficient resource allocation for optimal system performance.
Permissions and event tracking
Granular Permissions: Implement precise control over user access with detailed, granular permission settings.
Security Compliance: Track events related to user permissions, ensuring adherence to security and compliance standards.
Audit Trail: Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of user activities, promoting transparency and accountability in your BI environment.


Accton Auditor


Historical data
Analyze historical data to define trends and optimize the reporting environment.
Access analytics from the moment of connecting to the BI environment, with increasing power as historical data is gathered.
Open access to data with a wealth of additional fields for flexible report customization
Avoid the need to develop an internal solution for analyzing the reporting environment and ongoing support

Who Is

Accton Auditor


BI Administrators and Analysts
Empower BI teams with in-depth analytics and insights for performance improvement
IT Professionals
Provide IT teams with tools to monitor migration progress and optimize costs
Enable executives to make strategic decisions based on BI environment insights

We unite your BI tools
in a single analytics ecosystem

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