Accton Insight Hub
A single BI portal for all your analytics assets
AI-powered enterprise information portal that provides single point of access to all reports and analytics your employees need to make better and faster business decisions.
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Accton Auditor
BI tools usage analysis module
Analysis engine for continuous monitoring of your BI environment in terms of performance and costs based on the flexible analysis of report stats data, user activities, and license utilisation.
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Accton Connect
Integral BI environment with Accton Connect
A set of connectors to help you integrate your critical BI apps into analytics catalogues or usage analysis systems of your own.
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Accton Framework
Elevate Your Analytics Environment with Industry Best Practices
Accton Framework sets the gold standard for structuring your analytics environment, providing a comprehensive framework with full descriptions of industry best practices, definitions of KPIs, metrics, business terms, and dimensions.
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