Inventory and clean-up of BI repositories

Inventory and clean-up of BI repositories

Report Governance

The Challenge:

As companies evolve and BI environments expand, managing and organizing the increasing volume of reports, dashboards, and other analytics assets becomes a real challenge. Over time, BI repositories can become cluttered with outdated, redundant, or unused assets, leading to a lack of clarity and efficiency.

The Solution:

Accton Insight Hub steps in to address the complexities associated with BI repository management, providing a centralized and well-organized platform for effective BI asset management. Meanwhile, Accton Auditor complements this by offering in-depth analysis of reports usage, facilitating regular clean-ups of unused assets. This comprehensive approach ensures not only organization and accessibility but also continuous optimization of your BI environment.

Regular Clean-Ups for Optimization:

Accton Auditor brings another dimension to the solution by offering deep insights into reports usage. By understanding which reports are actively used, you can conduct regular clean-ups to remove redundant or unused assets, keeping your BI environment agile and optimized.

Ensuring Data Relevance and Accessibility:

Regular clean-ups not only optimize resources but also ensure that the data and insights available in your BI environment remain relevant and accessible. Accton Insight Hub and Accton Auditor work hand in hand to provide a dynamic and continuously refined BI environment that supports your evolving business needs.

Efficient BI Asset Management:

Accton Insight Hub allows you to create a digital inventory of all your BI assets, providing detailed descriptions, user engagement metrics, and a clear understanding of the purpose and relevance of each asset. This ensures that your BI repository is well-organized, up-to-date, and aligned with your business objectives.

Navigating the BI Maze:

Traditional BI repositories often lack a streamlined approach to asset management, leaving users grappling with a disorganized and cluttered space. Accton Insight Hub transforms this experience by offering a centralized platform that acts as the backbone for your BI asset inventory.


  • Centralized and organized BI asset management for improved accessibility
  • Regular clean-ups of unused assets for an optimized and agile BI environment
  • In-depth insights into reports usage for informed decision-making
  • Alignment of BI repository with business objectives for enhanced effectiveness.

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