Light analytics governance

Simple chat-like way to control key processes in a BI environment

Governance – it's a buzzword in the data and analytics realm. For many professionals, it might also be a slightly intimidating one. The idea of heavy governance can conjure up images of complexity and rigidity, making it a scary prospect for those working in the analytics landscape.

At Accton, we understand that too much governance can be as problematic as too little. That's why we advocate for a middle ground – a concept we affectionately call "Light Analytics Governance". It's not about drowning in rules and regulations; it's about implementing just enough structure to ensure smooth operations.

Key governance processes in your analytics environment unfold in a simple and uncomplicated manner. No complex forms or procedures. Just a friendly and simple BI portal where essential actions happen seamlessly.

Key Processes, Simplified:

1. Access Granted in a Click:

Requesting access is as simple as sending a message. The simple-to-use interface ensures quick responses, making access management a breeze.

2. Report Requests Made Easy:

Need a specific report? Just drop a message. Our simple system processes report requests effortlessly, ensuring you get the insights you need without unnecessary delays.

3. Change Requests Accepted Smoothly:

Propose a change, and watch it happen. Whether it's altering a dashboard or tweaking a report, our straightforward governance system simplifies change requests for a more agile analytics environment.

4. Support Provided Instantly:

Stuck on a task? Need assistance? Chat directly with our support team. No ticket systems, no waiting – just instant, helpful responses.

Why Light Governance?

Flexibility: Embrace governance without sacrificing flexibility. Our approach adapts to your needs rather than holding you back.

User-Friendly: No manuals needed. The accessible simplicity of our system ensures that everyone, from novice users to seasoned analysts, can navigate governance processes effortlessly.

Ready for Simplicity in Governance?

Experience the ease of light analytics governance with Accton Insight Hub. Request a demo today and witness firsthand how navigating key processes becomes as simple as chatting with a colleague.

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