BI environment usage analysis

Control reports usage and user behaviour with analytics

We want our business to leverage BI tools and big data to make better decisions. But as BI professionals, are we as data-driven ourselves? Do we track the KPIs and metrics of BI usage? Do we know the challenges our end-users face?

Building a proper analysis of your BI ecosystem is a challenging and resource-demanding task. But an essential one for strategical improvement of BI adoption and informed decision-making.

Most BI tools come with in-built performance tracking, but it often lacks flexibility, historical trends, and actionable strategic insights. Many companies invest significant resources in building internal tracking systems, adding to the complexity.

Accton Auditor is the first ready-to-use tool on the market that brings a comprehensive analysis of your BI tools. It's completely customizable, no-code, and cross-platform. Now, you can easily monitor your BI performance, understand end-user adoption, and optimize license usage.

Discover the power of specialized BI usage tracking and get insights into:

Reports usage data → to understand which reports are driving your business forward.

User behavior → to discover how your teams interacts with your reports.

License & resource management → to optimize costs.

Permissions & event tracking → to ensure data security and compliance.

Accton Auditor empowers you to be in charge of your analytics environment. Act on insights derived from comprehensive analysis and elevate your BI efficiency.

Seize Control of Your Analytics Environment

Request a demo today and witness how Accton Auditor transforms the challenges of BI environment usage analysis into opportunities for strategic improvement.

Other capabilities

Single information touchpoint
One point of access to all analytics assets from any BI tool
Light analytics governance
Simple chat-like way to control key processes in a BI environment
Analytics knowledge base
Keep all BI requirements and documentation safe and updated


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