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The government agency made a strategical decision to enhance the efficiency of analytics. This led to the adoption of Tableau, a powerful BI tool.

The key objectives were clear: to accelerate report development, enhance transparency in calculations, and significantly improve performance and data accuracy.

The initial phase involved the collaboration of an external BI team, with plans for the internal team to play a more active role in subsequent stages.


• Preserving the knowledge held by the external BI team

• Managing business requirements documented in Word files

• Optimizing the report maintenance process

• Ensuring the sustainability of the solution


The primary goal was to establish a centralized repository for all reports, complete with detailed descriptions of requirements, calculations, and defined relationships between various objects.

This centralized portal, serving as a knowledge base, aimed to provide clarity to both the external and internal BI teams, as well as business users. Clear definitions, calculation formulas, and other pertinent information were made readily accessible.


To overcome the challenges, Accton played a pivotal role by transforming traditional business requirements in Word files into dynamic forms. These forms were further enriched with technical metadata after the development of each report.

To provide a comprehensive lineage, the forms were intricately linked to technical design documents in other tools.

Access to all reports was streamlined through the Accton Insight Hub, where the final versions of all requirements were stored. This included detailed business definitions for indicators, dimensions, datamarts, and more.

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Next Steps

Looking ahead, the implementation of Accton is set to extend beyond report development.

It will soon be utilized for managing user requests for new reports, handling requests for report changes, and addressing report-related issues.

This strategic move aims to centralize all analytics-related tasks, further streamlining and enhancing the government's BI processes.

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