How AS Monaco FC uses Accton Auditor for analytics management

Power BI
At a Glance


AS Monaco management decided to make a shift to a more data-driven approach. The reporting system was rebuilt and many new reports were created using Power BI as a main analytics tool.


• The key KPI of successful BI transformation was the level of BI adoption, which had to be increased.

• The users were reluctant to use new technology.

• Although different methods were applied to increase BI penetration, there was no way to track their efficiency and BI usage.

• In-built Power BI usage analysis wasn't enough.


The main request was to create deep analytics over the usage and performance of newly created Power BI reports. First of all, the BI team had to understand which reports are used, how often and why. Then, it was crucial to analyse how teams and employees use dashboards to track the progress of the BI penetration initiative. Finally, the client needed insights on what they can do further to enhance the adoption and maintain proper levels of BI usage.


We started by offering a free 1-month trial of our Accton Auditor module to see if it could potentially cover the main pains - and watched the trial period transform into a long-term partnership.

The Accton Auditor module allows to monitor user activities, their involvement with analytics and detailed data on report usage. The solution consists of 3 key parts: reports usage analysis, user behaviour and BI costs optimisation. The tool collects all the historical usage data from the first day of use, which helped the client analyse tendencies and trends unlimitedly.

After using the module for a while, the client managed to tune up their BI processes and serve their end-users better with a deeper understanding of what is going on in the reporting environment.

Alternative Suppliers
How Accton Helped
Full control over company reporting was established.
All the limitations of in-built Power BI analytics were lifted.
BI team knows exactly where their attention is required.
BI adoption initiative was enhanced by adding real numbers to the aspired results.
Next Steps

As the client is still in the process of transformation, we have defined 3 areas where Accton can help further:

• Add Accton Portal to the stack to hide the complexity of BI tools for users and organise a stress-free and user-friendly analytics environment.

• Use Accton to preserve all reports knowledge including definitions, calculations and data sources dynamically in a single place.

• Build chat-like BI processes to automate the reports requesting and editing system, which will both save BI team's time and lighten the processes for the end-users.

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