How Accton assisted BI migration and further analytics management in a Pharmaceutical company

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Power BI
At a Glance


The process of migration from old BI system to a new one - Power BI. Their aim is to build a culture of using data in daily decision-making and provide self-service capabilities for all employees.


• Frequent misunderstandings among business users due to the lack of business definitions and transparency in calculations

• Absence of governance processes in self-service BI

• Tech overload and multiple reengineering because of poor documentation and knowledge loss

• No understanding of BI usage


The main request was to implement a single point of access to all analytics (reports, indicators, dimensions) with clear and transparent definitions.

The portal was required to have in-built business processes to provide easy governance like requesting new reports or accesses. It had to be highly customisable for different user groups with simple navigation for business users and a complete overview of assets for the technical team. All documentation shall be kept there to preserve knowledge and provide transparency.

To control analytics usage and analysis of user behaviour, there was also a need for analysis of BI tools usage.


The initial report catalogue was built with a business glossary that includes a description of indicators, business terms, dimensions, data sources and other interrelated objects.

All analytics is structured by different analytics areas for quick and easy access for all users.

Now business users can request new reports with a simple dynamic form that will proceed further with an automated business process. The business process covers all stages - from requesting to publishing a report - and can involve as many users as needed.

All communications are organised in an easy chat-like way to engage users. The relations between objects allow simplifying the process of analytics maintenance.

Accton Auditor module provides the power to monitor user activities and their involvement with analytics and detailed data on report usage.

Alternative Suppliers

The Client was considering three options:

(1) adapting one of the leading data catalogue vendors to their needs

(2) building an in-house solution

(3) acquiring Accton Insight Hub

Data Catalog wasn't selected as it was too complex for business users. Building an in-house solution with the required functionality would take high costs for development and support.

Accton Insight Hub was selected as a tool that covered the needs of both business users and the BI team and was very user-friendly.

How Accton Helped
Users got access to a single portal with all reports and a comprehensive business glossary
The hub allowed the implementation of easy-to-use governance processes to save reports knowledge and bring order to the BI environment
There is a single place for the development team to keep all documentation updated in a dynamic way
Accton Auditor module provided a deep analysis of Power BI usage, user behaviour, and analytics adoption
Next Steps

The implementation of a single point of access to all analytics and the adoption of governance processes were just the first steps in the client's journey towards a data-driven culture. The next steps would include the automation of the report catalogue updating process so that it stays up-to-date and relevant to the business needs. This would ensure that users have access to the most recent and accurate information.

In addition, Accton would work with the client to develop content recommendations, based on their users' behaviour and preferences. This would provide users with personalized content and further increase engagement with the analytics platform.

Finally, Accton would continue to work with the client to monitor the usage of the analytics platform, to ensure that it remains relevant to the business needs and continues to provide value to the organization. By monitoring user behaviour and identifying areas for improvement, Accton would help the client to optimize their analytics environment and achieve their data-driven goals.

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