Data-driven analytics governance

a 'light' data-based approach to managing analytics assets


While many organizations prioritize data governance, the role of analytics governance is often overlooked. However, without effective governance of the analytics process, data alone doesn't ensure better business outcomes. In our webinar, we'll delve into the concept of 'light governance' and how leveraging BI usage data can transform governance initiatives into truly data-driven analytics governance.

The term 'governance' may evoke thoughts of bureaucracy and overcontrol, but it doesn't have to be that way. Join us as we explore how 'light governance' strikes the balance between control and agility, enabling innovation and better decision-making.

Discover how leveraging your organization's BI usage data can drive actionable analytics strategies and initiatives. By leading by example and showcasing how data can be used for decision-making, you'll not only transform your analytics environment but also inspire other departments to embrace a data-driven approach.

Event date
June 6, 2024 3:00 PM
Online, UK time
1 hour
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What topics will we cover

Shifting focus: from data to analytics governance
Explore why it's essential to shift focus from just data governance to encompassing analytics governance. Understand how uncontrolled analytics processes can hinder decision-making and business outcomes.
'Light' analytics governance
Introduce the concept of 'light' analytics governance, emphasizing a balanced approach that ensures governance without stifling innovation and agility. Learn how to strike the right balance for effective analytics management.
BI usage data: your governance foundation
Discover the transformative power of BI usage data as the foundation for data-driven governance initiatives. Explore how analyzing BI usage patterns can provide actionable insights to optimize analytics processes and drive better decision-making.
Practical Implementation: what data we need
Delve into the practical aspects of implementing data-driven governance. Identify the specific types of data, such as usage metrics, performance data, and user feedback, needed to inform governance strategies and initiatives effectively.


Anna Ovchynnikova
Chief Product Officer
at Accton
Product manager, business analyst and marketing expert with over 10 years of multi-industry experience. A unique combination of knowledge and expertise in business performance, marketing, analytics and information governance with robust business analysis and product and project management skills.
Gennadii Armashula
at Accton
IT expert. More than 25 years in DWH/BI, business development and strategic management. Successful entrepreneur, the founder of 5 companies, expert in data culture and analytics.

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