BI Report Lifecycle:

How to manage, prioritize and deliver user requests efficiently


In this 45-minute webinar our experts will discuss the intricacies of managing, prioritizing, and delivering BI report requests efficiently. We'll share practical solutions to common pain points and bottlenecks encountered in managing requests for new BI reports.

From the initial request to the final report, we'll guide you through the BI report development lifecycle, including requests management, agile report development, efficient chat-like workflows, prioritization techniques and transparent communication.

To illustrate some of our BI requests management strategies, we will show real examples of request forms and report workflows, including our own developments with Accton Insight Hub and Accton Auditor.

Who might be interested

Business Intelligence Leaders
Gain insights into strategically managing the end-to-end process of handling report requests, ensuring they align with organizational objectives.
BI System Administrators
Learn efficient request intake strategies, including streamlining submission processes and creating user-friendly interfaces.
BI Developers and Analysts
Understand prioritization tactics, establishing criteria to balance urgency, importance, and strategic alignment in report requests.
Project Managers and Decision Makers
Explore agile report development and efficient workflows, optimizing report delivery timelines and fostering collaboration.
Event date
January 23, 2024 10:00 AM
1 hour
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What topics will we cover

Efficient request intake strategies
Learn strategies for streamlining the request submission process, including the creation of user-friendly interfaces. Witness the effectiveness through the showcase of the Accton request form.
Prioritization tactics
How to establish criteria that balance urgency, importance, and strategic alignment in handling report requests.
From request to report: an agile approach
Uncover the agile development process, efficient workflows showcased through chat-like processes in Accton, and transparent request status and communication.
Strategies for continuous improvement
Learn how to solicit and incorporate valuable feedback for your reports, foster collaboration and support using Accton Insight Hub, and track the usage and impact of BI reports with Accton Auditor.


Gennadii Armashula
at Accton
IT expert. More than 25 years in DWH/BI, business development and strategic management. Successful entrepreneur, the founder of 5 companies, expert in data culture and analytics.
Anna Ovchynnikova
Chief Product Officer
at Accton
Product manager, business analyst and marketing expert with over 10 years of multi-industry experience. A unique combination of knowledge and expertise in business performance, marketing, analytics and information governance with robust business analysis and product and project management skills.

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