Standardisation of BI processes and practices

Standardisation of BI processes and practices

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The Challenge:

Establishing consistent BI processes and practices is crucial for organizations aiming to ensure uniformity, eliminate inefficiencies, and foster a culture of insight-driven decision-making. Without standardized processes, teams may struggle with varying approaches, leading to confusion, errors, and hindered collaboration.

The Solution:

Accton Framework provides a robust foundation for standardizing BI processes and practices, offering a comprehensive framework that includes industry best practices, standard business processes, definitions of KPIs, metrics, business terms, and dimensions.

By leveraging Accton Framework, organizations can streamline their BI operations, reduce variability, and create a common language across departments.

Accton Insight Hub complements this effort by improving analytics workflows. With built-in business processes in a chat-like interface, every BI action can be performed seamlessly within a single portal. This enhances collaboration, simplifies user interactions, and ensures that standardized processes are effortlessly implemented across the organization.

Standardizing BI Processes:

Accton Framework's pre-defined collection of standard business processes, KPIs, metrics, and dimensions serves as a guide for standardizing BI processes. This ensures that teams across the organization adhere to consistent measurement standards, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of analytics outputs.

Implementing Industry Best Practices:

With about 600 pre-defined objects, Accton Framework delivers ready-to-use industry-specific structures based on business functions and areas. This allows organizations to implement established best practices in BI, aligning their processes with industry standards for optimal performance.

Guided Analytics for Informed Decision-Making:

Accton Framework not only standardizes processes but also provides a basis for building guided analytics. Integrated in Accton Insight Hub, it demonstrates how KPIs influence each other, helps quickly identify the root cause of business situations, and guide decision-makers to data-driven insights through a standardized and well-defined framework.

Efficient Onboarding and Training:

Standardized BI processes make onboarding and training more efficient. New team members can quickly grasp the key reports, analytics workflows and build their own personal workspace in no time, enabling them to contribute effectively from day one.


  • Streamlined BI operations with standardized processes and practices
  • Implementation of industry best practices for optimal performance
  • Guided analytics for informed decision-making and root-cause analysis
  • Efficient onboarding and training with a standardized framework.

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